M.V. Mediterranean Sun
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Bringing the Mediterranean Sun to Marcus Hook

(Published in The Inquirer Magazine, Today on August 9, 1981)

Story by Robert R. Frump


Submitted by Dwaine Gordon:

A lot of the Engineers sailed on this ship to get some diesel experience while the Philly and New York were being built. On the three round trips I made on it from the Hook to Tunisia I sailed with Jack Larner and Goran Fatovic.


Builder: Mitsui Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. LTD, Japan
Keel laid: April 30, 1974
Launched: July 24, 1974
Delivered: November 7, 1974
Purchased by Sun Transport and placed on North Africa to the Hook run on May 6, 1978. Round trip takes approx. 30 days. (12,000 miles).
Compliment: 9 officers ... 20 crew. (Italian)
Dimensions: Length - 889' 1-/4" Width - 144' 1-1/4" Full load draft - 55' 11"
Tonnage: 138,000 Cost: $11,000,000.00
Total tank area: 166,688.50 cubic meters (5,886,603 cubic feet) or 1,048,434 barrels / 44,034,228 gallons
Maximum cargo capacity: 996,012 barrels (41,832,504 gallons)


Propulsion Machinery
One two stroke, crosshead type, turbo-charged Mitsui B & W 8K90GF diesel
Eight cylinders, 900mm bore (35.4" dia.) x 1,800mm stroke (70.9"), translates
to 91,609,056cc (559,032.7cubic inch displacement). 27,300brake horsepower transmitted to a 710mm (27.95" dia.) shaft, and a six bladed 7,000mm (22.97' dia.) wheel. 3,412 brake horsepower per cylinder at 114 RPM.
One Mitsui steam turbo generator, 950kw at 1800 RPM.
Two Dahatsu four stroke, single acting, trunk-type piston, diesels, 760kw at 720 RPM.
One two-stroke blower-type Detroit diesel emergency generator, rated at 250 kw at 1,800 RPM.

Pumping Capacity (figures are approx.)
Three steam turbo cargo pumps: 3,400 cubic meters/hr. 21,385 bbls/hr
(896,784 gal/hr.)
Two steam recip. stripper pumps: 300 cubic meters/hr. - 1,886 bbls./hr
(79,251 gals/hr)
One steam turbo ballast pump: 1,750 cubic meters/hr - 11,007 bbls./hr
(462,069 gals./hr)

Theoretically it would take about 16 hours to pump the entire 41,832,504 gallons ashore. That's equivalent to filling a swimming pool 97.7 feet deep the length a width of a football field.


Built as the "BRITA" and subsequent names: 78 MEDITERRANEAN SUN - 82 MED SUN - 87 HANSA BERGEN



Broken up: Chittagong 8/29/1999

Mediterranean Sun docking at Sun Oil Marcus Hook

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