M.T. Eastern Sun
M.T. Eastern Sun 10/27/88:

From the Collection of Dave Boone

From Hagley’s Sun Oil collection: David Kavanagh
Sun Ship Hull #:   Contract Date:  
Keel Laid:   Builder:  Jeffboat
Date Delivered:  22-May-85 Location:  Jeffersonville, IN
Total Time Bldg.:   Promised Delivery Date:  
D.W.T.:  1,579 Propulsion:  
H.P.:   Speed:  12.5 knots
Sponsor:   Delivery Price:  
Bbls. Capacity: 25,000    
Previous Owner:   Previous Name:  
Date Purchased:   Date Sold:
Subsequent Owner:   Subsequent Name:  "Stone Buccaneer"
 Built:  JeffBoat, Inc., Jeffersonville IN    
 Hull #  2635    

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