M.S. Dynafuel
November 14,1963 - USCG air-surface rescue craft responded immediately when the freighter Fernview and the tanker Dynafuel collided in Buzzards Bay. While helicopters removed the injured aboard the stricken ships, surface craft extinguished the fires. These Coast Guard units had completed the evacuation of all aboard the disabled vessels before the Dynafuel capsized and sank.  

Dynafuel (smaller vessel)
and Fernview after collision

Link to the USCG report of the incident


November 14, 1963

At 0655 on November 14th 1963 the 510 foot Norwegian freighter FERNVIEW collided with the 309 foot DYNAFUEL on a foggy morning in Buzzards Bay. The FERNVIEW was able to travel to Boston MA under her own power but the DYNAFUEL sank. The U.S. Coast Guard determined the FERNVIEW to be at fault.

The photographer, Leonard Kingsbury, was a Photographers Mate in the Coast Guard and was flown to the scene and dropped on the deck of the 125 Foot CGC General Greene.



Sun Ship Hull #:   Contract Date:  
Keel Laid:   Time on Ways (M/D):  
Date Delivered:  1946 at Jacksonville, FL Time in Wet Basin (M/D):  
Total Time Bldg.:   Promised Delivery Date:  
D.W.T.:  4180 Propulsion:  Diesel
H.P.:  1400 Speed:  
Sponsor:   Delivery Price:  
Bbls. Capacity:      
Previous Owner:   Previous Name:  
Date Purchased:   Date Sold:
Subsequent Owner:   Subsequent Name:  
 IMO Number:  249771    
Length / Beam / Draft (feet) 309.1' / 47.4' / 21.9'    

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