Minor W. Kates, Jr. (Butch Jr.)
Then and Now...
1974: 11 years old, passenger aboard the America Sun Today: sailing First A/E aboard the G/T Integrity
January 1, 2003
I ended my career with Sun Transport in 1995. During my 15-year career, I worked on every ship they had in their possession during this period of time. Those were some fun times, and with that statement, that is why I created this web site.

Growing up as the son of a Sun Transport seaman, I frequently met people at my father's house and I occasionally made trips as a child aboard the ships as a passenger. These people were always interesting and remain a very vivid part of my memory. I guess this is why as a little boy, when it came down to making a career choice, I chose merchant seaman.

As the son of a son of a sailor, I am still interested in what happened to everyone who worked at Sun and the history of the vessels. I hope that with this web site, I can dig deeper into the marine history of the company. This hobby leads me to collect WWII merchant marine items on EBay and dragging Denise, Summer and Justin to marine related museums during every vacation. My other hobbies are boating, fishing and home repair. These obsessions take up a lot of my non-sailing time. I also have a web site devoted to the Kates family and our interests. It can be accessed at http://www.e-kates.com.

Below, are some links you may find interesting.

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New Jersey Sun Feb./March '82
Eastern Sun changed to Cove Mariner
Texas Sun 1983
New York Sun 1984
Philadelphia Sun 1985
Article about me and my father in a 1986 Fleet Sheet:
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