Robert Julius Ehoff
 Submitted by M. Lee Klug
Robert Julius Ehoff's Career with Sun (1920's-1930's)
My maternal grandfather, Robert Julius Ehoff, born in 1899 in Baltimore, began an apprentice engineer program when he was 12.  He got his papers @ 16 (my great grandmother almost killed him when he took the tools @ graduation instead of the $400 that he was offered - he needed the tools for his future career). RJE shipped with Sun Oil in the 1920's and 30's rising to Chief Engineer.  He came ashore in 1939 due to health issues and took employment @ Bethlehem Ship Yard at Sparrows Point, MD.  During WWII, he would take Liberty ships to Norfolk and back on shake-down prior to turn-over to the US. He worked @ BSY until his retirement in 1964.  He passed away in 1965. His two sisters married men from Philadelphia and wound up living across the alley from each other in Germantown.  He would stay there on short breaks between trips out of Marcus Hook.
Below are some pictures and documents.  Please click on the picture to see a larger and clearer image:
Seaman's ID card from a Russian ship 1918-1921 with stamps for a number of UK ports from a trip in 1921.
Recommendation letter from Chief engineer on the S.S. Agwilake, from the New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co.

Recommendation letter on Sun Oil paper from his time on the Pew as 2nd Assistant Engineer from 10/1923 - 12/1924.

Scans of his Continuous Discharge Book from late 1930's which show that between 1937-39, he shipped on the Sunbeam 19 times as 1st Asst. or Chief and the Pew once as Chief. He had ill health and was taken off the Pew to the hospital so his last recorded trip is not complete.  There are a number of Master's signatures in his book for the various voyages.  

A 1930's (?) photo of the Sunbeam, at possibly Marcus Hook.  This photo hung in my grandfather's bedroom for as long as I can remember.

Several snaps from the aft deck of the Sunbeam (picture of Chief and RJE is dated 5/19/32 on the back) and an undated Pass to Ships for Marcus Hook is also included


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